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Northwestern University, the birthplace of audiology, provides nonprofit audiology services focused on patient care, not profit.   For over sixty years we have been providing a comfortable personalized experience for audiology patients just like you, while offering the best hearing healthcare available.  Today, we continue our leadership at the forefront of the audiology profession as we train future Doctors of Audiology, conduct cutting-edge research, and offer the following audiology services:

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations - Adult
The first step in understanding changes in your hearing, or to determine if you have hearing loss associated with noise exposure, aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chemotherapy, or smoking, is to have a complete hearing evaluation.  Hearing evaluations at Northwestern University are extremely thorough and will determine the degree and type of hearing loss and assess treatment options.  Please call us at 847-491-3165 to make an appointment.

Hearing Aids 
Unlike many other clinics, we are a nonprofit clinic and totally independent of manufacturer ownership.  We offer a wide variety of hearing aids of many brands and styles [pdf].  You should expect to partner with your audiologist to choose the hearing system ideally suited for your personal lifestyle, level of hearing loss, the physical characteristics of your ear canal, cosmetic preferences, manual dexterity and budget.  See how we match lifestyles with treatment plans [pdf].  To make an appointment for a hearing aid selection, evaluation, dispensing, adjustment, cleaning or repairs please call 847-491-3165.

Personal Amplification Devices
For some people simple and less expensive amplification of sound is all that is needed to help them hear significantly better.  Our audiologist can tell you if you are a candidate for a personal amplification device and if so, help you choose the one that is best for you.

Pediatric Services
Hearing loss in children is uncommon, but if you have any concerns about how well your child can hear, a hearing test should be performed.  If a hearing loss is identified, it is important to implement intervention quickly because the development of speech and language, including reading, relies heavily on hearing.
Please call us at 847-491-3165 to make an appointment for your child.

Hearing Protection and Custom Listening needs
For adults and children we can provide: swim plugs; specialized hearing protection for hunting, loud music and other harmful sound sources; custom-made ear buds for use with MP3 players and smart phones.  Just call us at 847-491-3165 and tell us your hearing protection and custom listening needs.

Assistive Listening Devices
These devices help you communicate better by amplifying sound, separating unwanted sound from the sound you are trying to hear, or providing other signals such as captioning. Our audiologists will help you identify assistive devices to make your life easier such as captioned telephones, links to better hear televisions and telephones, lights that let you know when the door bell is ringing, an alarm clock that vibrates your bed and many additional clever devices that let people with hearing loss lead more normal lives.  For a demonstration, consultation, or fitting please call 847-491-3165.

Research Participation Opportunities
Community members are invited to participate in communication-related research conducted by Northwestern University research faculty.

New participants are currently sought for a Listening in Noise study assessing if hearing aid training can improve communication abilities in noisy environments.

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