about the clinic

The Northwestern University Audiology Clinic is a clinical training facility whose three-fold purpose is to educate future Doctors of Audiology in a diverse and comprehensive clinical setting; to serve the community by providing state of the art evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of communicative disorders due to hearing problems; and to serve as a center for translational research in communicative disorders due to hearing and hearing related disorders. 

Northwestern University is the first institution to have established an educational program in audiology, due in part to the pioneering efforts of Raymond Carhart who was instrumental in opening the audiology clinic in 1947.  Throughout the years, Northwestern University has continued to conduct ground-breaking research, train investigators and professional clinicians as leaders in the field, and provide clinical services based on the most advanced knowledge and techniques. 

In more recent years, these activities have benefited from the support of the Hugh Knowles Center for Clinical and Basic Science in Hearing and Its Disorders, established in 1988 to promote advancements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.