School of Communication

Amy E. Booth

Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Associate Professor
Frances Searle Building
2240 Campus Drive, Room 1-265
Evanston , IL 60208-2952
Graduate Programs: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Amy Booth studies how infants and young children learn. Specifically, her research focuses on the remarkable capabilities of young children for organizing their perceptual experience into meaningful categories and learning words to refer to them. By addressing the development of these fundamental capacities Booth's work seeks to inform our understanding of the mechanisms underlying early learning in both laboratory and applied settings.

Lab Affiliation

Principal Investigator: Early Learning Laboratory


PhD Developmental Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
MA Developmental Psychology, University of Virginia
ScB Psychology, Brown University

Recent Awards and Honors

2012 Clarence Simon Award for Teaching and Mentoring
2009-2013 Causal Supports for Early Word Learning
National Science Foundation #0843252 ($485,000)
2005-2009 Object Function as Facilitator of Categorization in Infancy
National Science Foundation #0445871 ($320,000)
2004-2006 Assessing the Impact of Function of Early Categorization
NICHD Small Grants Program #1 RO3 HD048759-01 ($148,500)
2005-2007 Functional Supports for Early Word Learning
School of Communication Innovations Award ($5,000)
2005-2006 The Role of Causal Information in Early Word Learning
NU University Research Grants Committee Grant ($4,500)
2004-2005 Use of Social Cues to Meaning in Late Talkers and Typical Toddlers
NU University Research Grants Committee Grant ($5,000)
2000-2003 National Research Service Award
National Institutes of Health ($48,000)
1998 Tim Post Memorial Award for excellence in research, University of Pittsburgh
1994 Perception of Dynamic Symmetry in Biomechanical Motions, National Science Foundation
1993 Presidential Fellowship, University of Virginia


CSD 342 Typical and Atypical Development in Infants and Toddlers
CSD 453 Overview of Language Disorders
CSD 452 Language Science 2