Academic Credit

Receiving credit during the Academic Year

You can count up to four internship credits toward the 45 credits you need to graduate. The first credit applies to your major, and the other credits are counted as electives. The amount of credit earned depends on the number of hours worked per week. Students can receive one academic credit for each 8 hours worked per week at the internship location, up to four total credits. To receive credits for an internship, students will also attend a weekly internship class in addition to working at the internship location.
8 - 15 hours/week for one quarter = 1 credit
16 - 23 hours/week for one quarter = 2 credits
24 - 31 hours/week for one quarter = 3 credits
32 - 40 hours/week for one quarter = 4 credits

Note that you can choose to receive fewer credits than you are eligible to receive. For example, if you work 20 hours a week, you can receive 1 or 2 credits.

Receiving credit during the Summer

Participating in the internship program can be a great way to earn credits during the summer! In addition, some employers require that you receive credit in order to participate in an internship.

Students can enroll in the internship program for 1-4 credits. To receive the credit, students attend the weekly internship class and complete the related coursework. A letter grade is received for each credit.  

If a student elects not to receive one or more credit, there are two other options in the summer:

  • Students can enroll in a 0 credit option over the summer. All School of Communication students in good academic standing are eligible to participate in the 0 internship program. The experience will go on your transcript, and the organization will receive a letter indicating participation in a 0 credit program. Students do not attend class, but are required to complete an internship evaluation at the end of the experience. There is no cost to participate.
  • If the internship host requires interns to receive credit, you can enroll in a .25 credit option, which fulfills the requirements of most organizations. All School of Communication students in good academic standing are eligible to participate in the .25 internship program. Students do not attend the weekly class, but do submit related coursework online and are in communication with the Internship Instructor during the experience. The .25 credit option costs 1/4 of the cost of one credit.

Note: These options are only available in the summer - not during the academic year.