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Performing generosity

A generous gift from alumnus Rocky Wirtz and his wife, Marilyn, will rename Northwestern's theatre center the Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for Performing Arts.

Bringing better hearing to Nigeria

School of Communication professor is key player in bringing hearing solutions to the ‘Giant of Africa’

Stamp of approval

School of Communication alumnus Charlton Heston is featured on a new “Legends of Hollywood” U.S. Postal Service stamp.

Late night dominance

School of Communication alumnus Stephen Colbert joins the late night fray, replacing David Letterman when he retires from CBS's lineup in 2015.

Taxes made easy

School of Communication animators enlighten the public on everything from the Progressive Tax Code to the Affordable Care Act.

Rock'n'roll science

Rock legend Todd Rundgren and School of Communication sound scientist Nina Krause connect through a shared love of music.


Ignited by School of Communication talent, Adventure Stage Chicago presents the world premiere of Spark.

Waiting in the wings

Northwestern joins Big Ten Theatre Consortium to launch a new play initiative that puts female artists on center stage.

Oscar gold

School of Communication alumni will shine on Oscar night.

The Gold standard

School of Communication faculty member and head of acting program Cindy Gold shows her students how it’s done, performing for art and charity.

Art meets opportunity

The School of Communications launches new master’s degree program in leadership and creativity.

New MFA program

The School of Communication has launched a new master of fine arts program in documentary media to give storytellers craft skills and community.

Leaping off the pages

Three new School of Communication faculty books funded by the Mellon Foundation celebrate performance in America’s Black and Latino communities.

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