Communication Studies Associate Professor James Schwoch Publishes New Book

December 04, 2008

James Schwoch – an associate professor of communication studies at Northwestern University's School of Communication – has written a new book. Entitled Global TV: New Media and the Cold War, 1946-69, the book has been scheduled for a December 16, 2008 release.

Published by the University of Illinois Press, Schwoch's book examines the relationship of global television, diplomacy, and new electronic communications media during the Cold War period. The major developments in global media are explored, beginning with the Allied occupation of Germany in 1946 and ending with 1969's Apollo 11 moon landing. The book whisks the reader across many well-known cities – including Berlin, Tokyo, Washington, and Moscow. The story also unfolds across untraditional spaces and domains of "extraterritorialities," Schwoch says, such as "electromagnetic spectrum, outer space orbits, the Van Allen belts and the magnetosphere, beneath oceans, and even on the moon."

Schwoch explains that he wrote "a narrative that contributes to the history of global media across, and even beyond, the habitable limits of Planet Earth."

Calling it his "most ambitious book" to date, Schwoch says it was both tremendously challenging and fun to write. "It's my favorite research project so far," he says.

Schwoch is also the coeditor – along with senior associate dean Mimi White – of Questions of Method in Cultural Studies, and he has a PhD in Radio/Television/Film from the School of Communication. He's currently teaching a course in global media, as well as an undergraduate seminar topic in media and the military, on the new Northwestern campus in Doha, Qatar.

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