Major in Human Communication Sciences

Students who pursue an undergraduate degree in Human Communication Sciences are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, and enjoy learning about how to help children and adults to overcome difficulties in hearing, speech, language and learning.

Most students who complete the undergraduate program go on to medical or dental school or to graduate programs in audiology, speech pathology, learning disabilities, biomedical engineering, or neuroscience. Others begin work immediately in research laboratories or for businesses that produce and market related products and services.

You may choose to pursue a general education in communication sciences and disorders, or to concentrate your coursework in one or more specific areas that match your interests and career goals:

Audiology and Hearing Science. Explore processes and disorders of the auditory system, and the social and emotional impact of hearing loss as you prepare to work with infants, children, adults and the elderly. In introductory courses, you may also learn to conduct some of the standard clinical tests used to evaluate hearing at the School’s onsite Speech, Language, and Learning Clinic.

Speech and Language Pathology. A pre-professional program, with an interdisciplinary behavioral-science focus, that prepares you to begin working with individuals who struggle with daily communication. Together with faculty investigators, you’ll research the reasons behind delayed childhood language development and adult speech loss. You may also engage in a supervised clinical practicum in the School’s onsite speech and language clinic.

Learning Disabilities. A pre-professional program for students who want to help children or adults experience the joy of reading a book, the satisfaction of solving a math problem, or the assurance of telling the time. The emphasis of this area of specialization is on diagnostic approaches and methods of therapy. You may also observe clinical services in action in the Evanston Speech, Language, and Learning Clinic.