School of Communication

Major in Performance Studies

As an undergraduate in Performance Studies, you will learn to adapt a wide variety of texts, including your own original work, into innovative performance. You will also learn to examine the performance and rituals of everyday living to see how we define ourselves through our various identities and roles.

You will be inspired to go further with your original ideas as you engage in interdisciplinary coursework and work with our diverse faculty. Award-winning theatre directors, keen scholars of literature, ethnographers examining ritual here and abroad, and performers exploring gender, sexuality, and race—these are some of the people who’ll change your way of viewing the world. You will learn to decode arenas of culture, and then share that insight with others as an effective and persuasive communicator. Opportunities to perform abound within the department and across the university.

Graduates with Performance Studies majors have gone on to enjoy success as theatre and film artists and performance reviewers. Many have founded innovative theatre companies. Others now employ their critical and creative thinking skills in their careers as teachers, psychologists, lawyers, advertising executives, and urban planners.

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