Master of Science in Speech, Language, and Learning

The Masters Program in Speech, Language, and Learning (SLL) at Northwestern is unique in its recognition of the close relationship between the fields of speech-language pathology and learning disabilities, both of which have been profoundly influenced by Northwestern faculty. Consequently, the Program provides students with a broad background that spans both fields, as well as with in-depth experience in an area of concentration that students select prior to beginning their course of study.

Links between theory, research and practice are emphasized throughout the entire program of study. Our nationally prominent faculty members actively investigate both basic and applied questions pertaining to a wide range of speech, language, learning, hearing, and behavior problems. As a result, current trends within the field are continually integrated in class discussions. While engaging in clinical practice—in our on-campus clinics at the beginning of their programs, and in off-site settings as they advance their skills—student clinicians are guided to use evidence-based practices. In addition, students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge and expertise through observations in other clinics, elective course work, colloquia series, participation in the many research projects conducted throughout the department, and interdisciplinary opportunities in areas such as neuroscience, linguistics, and language and cognition.