Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises

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What does it take to be a great leader of a creative enterprise?...

Outstanding Management Skills + Robust Network of Industry Contacts

What does it take to be a great leader in the visual, performing, and interactive arts? In an era where media platforms are converging, audiences are global, and profit models are changing at an incredible rate, leaders of creative enterprises must have well-developed skills to manage creative people, projects, and teams. You must also have connections across industries through which you can source ideas, sell concepts, and promote your work. The Master of Science program in Leadership for Creative Enterprises will prepare you to be just this kind of leader.

Our approach is unique. Our courses teach you the skills necessary to manage creative projects. We connect you to internship opportunities where you can practice your emerging management skills on real projects. We help you build connections across industries through personalized mentorship programs with successful leaders in the arts and we’ll send you on tours of creative organizations to Los Angeles, New York, and the Silicon Valley to network with leaders of cutting-edge creative enterprises, both large and small, start-ups and well-established firms.

Check out the characteristics that make the M.S. in Leadership for Creative Enterprises the perfect launching pad for your career:

  • Rigorous coursework in management, marketing, finance, project management, and law that is specifically designed for leaders of arts, media, advertising, and gaming organizations.
  • Numerous formal and informal programs to help you build the industry connections that create a platform for successful projects and a stunning career.
  • Rolling admissions and matriculation – Start the program in fall, winter or spring quarter. It's your choice!
  • The opportunity to apply for earmarked internships in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, providing you with real world experience in the creative industries.
  • Earn your master’s degree in one year.