Network Services

Centralized File Sharing (server folders)

File sharing services are offered to all SoC staff and faculty who wish to collaborate with others in the SoC community or who wish to store important or sensitive data on a SoC centrally maintained systems. Storage is allocated by current storage resource availability and the storage needs of the requestor. Temporary scratch or development space can be allocated by request.

Hosted Applications and Services

IT staff will work with SoC staff, faculty and researchers to implement new applications or services that meet the business or research needs of the school.

NU NetID requests

Temporary NetIDs with a maximum lifespan of 14 days can be issued for SoC sponsored events to enable visitors to have access to the NUIT wireless network. These requests should be submitted three business days in advance to the SoCIT Help Desk. Additionally, in emergency situations, ISRS staff can create, manage or modify NU NetIDs of those in the SoC community. Generic NetID requests such as forgotten passwords, e-mail issues and human resources, financial system issues should be directed to the NUIT Help Desk, 847-491-HELP (847-491-4357).

System Authentication

Access to all SoC resources will be granted through the SoC Active Directory (NetID) authentication service. All logins and activities are logged by this system. Systems or applications that are not compatible with this method of authentication must be approved by the ISRS group. In accordance with NUIT policy, users will only be added to the SoC Active Directory system at the request of a Dean or Director.


Systems and applications within the School of Communication that are covered under Federal HIPAA guidelines must meet the standards documented in HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures, rev. April 21st, 2005.