Swallow Physiology Laboratory

Research in the Swallow Physiology Laboratory focuses on 1) clarifying the physiology of the normal oropharyngeal and esophageal aspects of the swallow and the variables (volume and viscosity) that create systematic changes in swallow as well as voluntary control; 2) defining the pathophysiology of the swallow in patients with lesions in various locations in the central nervous system and in patients who have had clearly identified peripheral structural damage, i.e., surgical procedures and/or radiotherapy to defined structures in the head and neck; and 3) applying the information learned from this basic research to the development of new treatment procedures for patients with dysphagia resulting from neurologic or structural damage and developing appropriate dysphagia prevention activities. In addition to these research activities, the Swallow Physiology Laboratory provides opportunities to mentor students and working medical and allied health professionals as they learn to conduct research and patient care in swallowing and dysphagia.