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School of Communication programs range across the spectrum of topics in the communication arts and sciences and include undergraduate, professional, and graduate programs of study and interdisciplinary initiatives and research centers.

A professional program preparing individuals to diagnose and treat individuals with hearing and balance related disorder.
Area of Study: Audiology + Hearing Science
Interdisciplinary study of media and communication technologies.
Area of Study: Media + Technology Studies
Scholarly and performative study of cultural and literary practices/texts.
Area of Study: Adaptation + Ethnography of Performance, Dance
Academic and interdisciplinary study of film, television, and digital media.
Area of Study: Film + Television
Basic and applied research in normal or disordered communication and learning processes.
Area of Study: Audiology + Hearing Science, Speech/Language Pathology
Academic study of communication in social, organizational, and public settings.
Area of Study: Rhetoric + Public Culture
The study of human behavior and the development of new technologies, leading to a solid foundation for developing innovative technologies and understanding their everyday use.
Area of Study: Interactive Media
A clinical doctorate to develop student’s ability to analyze and apply advanced principles of leadership, business and practice management, and clinical science.
Area of Study: Speech/Language Pathology
Promotes and enhances neuroscience education and research.
Area of Study: Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
Scholarly study of historical and current human theatre and performance.
Area of Study: Adaptation + Ethnography of Performance, Dance, Theatre History, Literature, and Criticism
An interdisciplinary, professional program in sound that integrates the arts, humanities and sciences.
Area of Study: Sound Design
The study of the role of communication and communication research in improving health and heath care.
Area of Study: Health Communication
An applied program for full-time professionals seeking to enhance managerial communication and leadership skills.
Area of Study: Leadership, Media + Technology Studies, Rhetoric + Public Culture
A program preparing creative people who hope to lead—or start new—arts enterprises.
Area of Study: Leadership
A professional program in the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, with a concentration in either speech, swallowing, and language, or learning and behavior.
Area of Study: Speech/Language Pathology
An immersive, comprehensive, and collaborative program designed to equip students with the tools and support necessary for success in professional theatre.
Area of Study: Acting, Theatre History, Literature, and Criticism
Intensive, collaborative training in directing for the stage.
Area of Study: Theatre Directing
Original mediamaking rooted in documentary strategies.
Area of Study: Documentary Media, Film + Television
Advanced study in scenery, costume, and lighting design for theatre artists.
Area of Study: Theatre Design
Artistic and professional writing for film, TV, and stage.
Area of Study: Playwriting, Screen Writing