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What we look for in a student:

In order to build a strong and diverse class, we look for applicants who possess a number of key characteristics, including:

  • clear rationale for pursuing the MS in Health Communication;
  • strong interest in pursuing or continuing a career related to Health Communication;
  • leadership, initiative, and impact which can be demonstrated in the application through professional achievements, extracurricular activities, and recommendation letters;
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills as demonstrated through personal statement, recommendation letters and interview; and
  • fit with the Northwestern approach to professional education as demonstrated through interview and personal statement.

In addition:

  • A traditional healthcare or communications background is not required.
  • The individual evaluation occurs within context of larger applicant pool.
  • There is no “formula” or “cutoff” that determines a candidate’s outcome. The review process is holistic.
  • There are no prerequisite courses for admission.
  • Standardized test scores (such as GRE) are optional.