The Annual Waa-Mu Show

The Waa-Mu Show is Northwestern University's own original musical, written, performed, and presented by Northwestern students.

The Waa-Mu Show's quirky name stands for the two organizations that banded together to present the first show in 1929, the Women's Athletic Association (W.A.A.) and the Men's Union (M.U.). Since then, Waa-Mu has become a virtual institution for budding young theatrical talent. As Northwestern’s oldest theatrical tradition, The Waa-Mu Show provides undergraduates with the unparalleled opportunity to create an original musical each year. Students serve as leaders in every aspect of development from conception through production to create a show exploring themes and stories that inspire us as college students, challenge us as musical theatre artists, and engage us with our surrounding communities.

The Waa-Mu Show strives to place itself at the forefront of new musical theatre writing, continuing to push the limits of the “greatest college show in America” (Associated Press).

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David Bell (Director) is a Professor of Music Theatre and a professional director who has worked extensively all over the world — including Broadway, Off-Broadway, Carnegie Hall, The National Theatre, London's West End, The Kennedy Center, The Royal Albert Hall, Long Wharf, Ford's Theatre (Artistic Director 1983-1988), The Alliance Theatre, Atlanta (Associate Artistic Director 1992-2001), The Mongodor Theatre (Paris), The National Opera (Berlin), Bridgewater Hall (Manchester), and the closing Ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics. More info.


In order to put on the Waa-Mu Show every year, we rely on the generosity and support from our Waa-Mu alumni, supporters, friends and family. Your support will directly contribute to the Waa-Mu Show and thus support the creative efforts of our actors, producers, marketers, crew, and entire team!

BEYOND BELIEF: a superhero story is a high-flying family friendly musical that follows two sisters as they grapple with harsh realities by creating a fantastical world of superheroes. Imagination comes to life as the sisters create extraordinary characters based on everyday heroes in their everyday lives. Our story explores what makes each of us super and how believing may be the most powerful ability we have. BEYOND BELIEF shows us how the most unlikely person can be the hero of your story and how the love of family, in every sense of the word, is resilient.

The new stage musical is written, composed, choreographed and co-produced by more than 100 Northwestern students. Undergraduate student co-chairs Jessie Jennison, Charlotte Morris, Eric Peters, Justin Tepper-- all seniors -- lead the 2017 production with artistic direction by David H. Bell, a Northwestern professor of music theatre in the School of Communication and an award-winning professional director.

“As we seek to illuminate what is extraordinary about every voice in our community, we find it only fitting to present a show that revolves around this belief.”
– 2017 Waa-Mu Show Co-Chairs

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