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Dual Degree Program in Communication and Engineering

The dual degree program in communication and engineer­ing offers students the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees in both communication and engineering in five years. Students may select any of the School of Communication’s six majors. The school maintains an enrollment cap of 100 per class for the theatre major; if this major is full, students may request to be put on a waiting list. They may also select any of the available programs of study in engineering.

All students in the dual degree program must complete all requirements for both degrees. All policies of each school are enforced in the meeting of that school’s requirements. No major in engineering or communication will be awarded without the relevant degree requirements also having been fulfilled; the majors in engineering and communication can only be earned as part of the respective degrees. Students are also required to meet the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR) for students in dual degree programs, earning at least 42 credits in 12 quarters at Northwestern. Current students who are interested in pursuing the dual degree in communication and engineering should contact the assistant dean for personal development in the McCor­mick School and the director of advising and student affairs in the School of Communication.

Course Requirements

For more information, visit the NU Academic Catalog .

For policies and advising, visit SoC Undergraduate Advising.